3 Ways to Vote

1) Vote By Mail Ballot

The deadline for applying to vote by mail has passed. If you have not applied for a mail ballot prior to 10/13, then you must vote either early in-person at city hall, or at your polling location on election day.

Mail ballots will be sent to all voters who completed and returned their mail ballot application before the October 13th deadline. Track the status of your application and mail ballot here. Once you complete you mail ballot, you can drop it off at town hall in a secure dropbox outside.

2) Early In-person at City Hall

The next safest way to vote is by casting your vote early at city hall. From October 14th - November 2nd, you can vote at the Cranston Board of Canvassers located in City Hall during regular business hours.

Cranston Board of Canvassers
Cranston City Hall

869 Park Ave

Cranston, RI 20910

(401) 461-1000

3) Vote at Your Polling Location on Nov 3rd

You can vote at your usual polling location on election day, November 3rd, but due to COVID-19 many locations have been changed. You can confirm your polling location here.


Expect long lines on election day, practice social distancing, and be sure to wear a mask and bring your ID.


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