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My Story


I have lived on both sides of Cranston - West and East. My three children attend Cranston public schools. I have witnessed firsthand the devastating impact of educational inequities in our schools, especially for students with disabilities.  I care deeply about improving quality and access to healthcare, gun safety, reproductive justice, affordable housing, income inequality, and mitigating climate change. Above all, my campaign is focused on improving our school culture and raising the bar for all of our students across the city.

I am committed to ensuring every child has the same access to a quality, safe, and rigorous education that prepares them for success in life after school, regardless of where they live in the city. I want to bring my perspective as a mother, immigrant, and someone who cares deeply about our community to the Cranston City Council and work collaboratively to end the systemic inequalities in our schools. I am running, not only for my three children, but your children too. I am committed to being the voice for parents and families who are suffering in silence and feel unrepresented.

Too many Cranston residents are strangers in their own city because of their economic status, religion, gender, and race. We live in a wonderfully diverse community and unfortunately, many people are being left out of the decision-making process. I am running to give them a voice in our government. We should welcome a diversity of perspectives and opinions as an asset, and leverage these differences to make our city one that brings everyone together, and supports people to prosper.


About Aniece

Aniece has long been an engaged parent advocate for Cranston schools, an active member of her church parish, and has served as a volunteer board member for numerous community organizations.  Aniece has lived in Cranston with her husband Dr. Norly Germain and their three children since 2009. As an immigrant and community leader, she knows the challenges faced by the residents of Cranston.  When she escaped her home country of Haiti over a decade ago fleeing violence, Aniece chose to rebuild her life in Cranston. 

Aniece is the Co-Founder and Assistant Executive Director of Hope and Change for Haiti, a nonprofit that improves the lives of others through community development and advocacy. She sits on the board of various community organizations including the NAACP Providence Branch, the RI National Organization for Women (RI NOW), the African Alliance of Rhode Island (AARI), and Cranston Action Network (CAN). She is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Educational Leadership and Policy from Boston College.  Aniece holds a bachelor’s degree in Social Communication and Journalism and has an Associate’s degree in Paralegal. Further, Aniece completed a Level II Certified Nonviolent Trainer from the Center for Nonviolence and Peace Studies at the University of Rhode Island.


Aniece with her family

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